Lent Reflections (Tim Ford)

A reflection at the start of Lent.

We live in a universe where people fight and argue, and this year is no different.

The US president  is throwing his weight around, and things like this are going on everywhere right now.

So I wonder what our outlook needs to be like, when things are looking bad and people are upsetting people?

I think the Easter story can help us out, because for a start Jesus was in a desert being tempted and the enemy was trying to make Him sin, but He said No. (Matthew 4).  He said No because  he knew what the Bible said and he was therefore not scared  by the attacks.

I think sometimes we let the News cloud our thinking and if so, we lose touch with what God is wanting us to remember – like Jesus will come again, and the Holy Spirit is with us now.

There’s another  thing that the Easter story is about – and I think it is so, so key to what is going on right now –  It is ‘love your enemies’-  and at the Cross Jesus did this to bring rest and love back.

It’s really hard for everyone of us to learn, but we need to, in order to bring change when and where we can.

The Easter story is for us now.

(Tim, a member of Stokenchurch St P and St P. Lives life from a wheelchair.)