Community Mosaic


To help celebrate our newly refurbished and extended church, we made a mosaic mural to go on one of the inside walls of our new church room.

We worked with Jane Stevens, a mosaic artist, to produce a design that reflected both the church and our local community.  Then, on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th August over 100 people, aged between 2 and 92, turned out to help us to put it together.




The design included several local features such as the tower, the cutting, Red Kites, and of course, the Church, and if you look closely you will see references to chair making, lace making and even bodging!


We started with blank boards that had the outline of a design sketched on them, and we gradually cut, placed and then stuck glass tiles into place until mosaic began to take shape.  When the design was finished the whole piece was grouted and then mounted on the wall for all to enjoy.


As well as producing the mosaic mural we also invited the younger children at our Live Wire holiday club, and some of our Church families, to make mosaic fish as part of a rainbow coloured shoal of fish.


These glass tiles did not need cutting, instead the design was created by varying the tones within each colour range.