Sunday School

I belong to that generation that likes to make lists.  I have a top five of my favourite films, books, meals and holiday destinations.  So, it was with real pleasure that I received an email from a friend of mine giving me her top five reasons to take children to Sunday School.  Here’s her list:

  1. It gives them eternal hope. At Sunday School we learn about Jesus as our friend and Saviour.
  2. It helps them make sense out of life. Seeing this world as God’s gift and us as his family helps children to know their place in the world and with each other.
  3. It helps them learn right from wrong. Living in a relationship with Jesus teaches us that our choices have moral and spiritual consequences.
  4. It helps them understand temptation.  It’s only through the cross of Jesus that we can understand why some things are bad for us.
  5. It helps them to love others. Knowing that we are loved by God, through Jesus, gives us the freedom to love other people without fear or rejection.

All I would add to her list is that Sunday School is also a lot of fun, and its one of those rare opportunities for adults and children to learn together.

We offer Sunday School classes (or an equivalent) on almost every Sunday of the year.  We all start the service together in church before the children go to their own groups.  They then return at the end of the service.   You can find more details about our Sunday School and Kids for Christ (our older group) on our Sunday School page.