Thoughts for Lent (Tim Ford)

For a Season I am going to do short talks for this church and my hope is that God and the Holy Spirit will help me to write something helpful.
We are in Lent and I wonder what are we thinking about and are we forgetting that Jesus was in a nasty and difficult place for a time? (Matthew 4:1-11).
He was in the desert without friends and family. However the thing was that God was with him and that was his hope.
He  was having a really, really bad Time but God was with him.
This church is in the desert place of not knowing who will lead us, however we have to remember that God is with us and he will answer at the right time.
Let’s look at what Jesus did:
Like Him, we need to fix our hearts and minds on what the Bible says, and this will help our  church too.
Tim Ford